“We saw roughly 200% ROI in the first fundraising quarter we used Textify”

– Bailey Mohr, Senior Advisor for Digital
Friends of Schumer

“The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee uses Textify to reactivate thousands of grassroots donors”

– Jade Richards, SMS Fundraising Director

Supercharge Your Fundraising with Textify™

Textify™ is a text-messaging platform that makes it easy to bring in donations for your campaign or cause, whether during a big planned fundraising push or a rapid-response moment.

Here are five reasons why fundraising pros swear by Textify:

It’s Effective.

Organizations have used Textify to re-engage thousands of lapsed supporters, including people who haven’t donated in years. Textify delivers the personalized, one-to-one experience of a peer-to-peer messaging platform with the scalability and robust infrastructure of a broadcast platform. This combination results in more successful outreach to supporters and a higher return on investment.

It’s Manageable.

Unlike peer-to-peer platforms that require you to recruit and manage your own volunteers, Textify is totally turnkey. We can write text message scripts for you, or you can write your own. From there, we’ll enlist a unionized staff of texters to send one-to-one messages to your supporters. It feels like real people reaching out in real time — because it is.

It’s Affordable.

$0.08 per message

Pricing is straightforward, at $0.08 per message. There are no minimums to reach and no monthly messaging caps. For the price, the returns are astounding: Organizations that add Textify to their fundraising toolbox have seen immediate ROI as high as 2,000%.

It’s Professional.

You can manage your Textify program through your own digital team, or entrust management to Trilogy Interactive, a leading provider of professional services to campaigns and causes. Either way, you’ll have access to robust analytics, A/B testing capabilities, and the power to optimize based on data, so you can maximize your return. Every message will be sent by a professional texting specialist paid fair union wages.

It’s Complementary.

Even if you’ve already established a broadcast texting program, Textify can be a valuable addition to your toolbox. You can use Textify to raise funds from current donors and activists who aren’t subscribed to broadcast messages — no opt-ins required.


Mandela Barnes for SenateDCCCVal Demings for SenateDemocratic Governors AssociationAbby Finkenaur for Senate
Patients for Affordable DrugsNancy Pelosi for Congress Chuck Schumer for SenateRaphael Warnock for Senate

Trilogy worked with a major Senate client to fundraise with Textify during the first end-of-quarter fundraising deadline of 2021. Trilogy matched the campaign’s donor file with mobile numbers and used Textify to reach out to them. Here’s what Textify delivered in one week:

  • 293% return on investment.
  • Reactivation of donors who had previously unsubscribed from email: A whopping 30%+ of Textify donors to the campaign were unsubscribed from campaign email.
  • Reactivation of donors who had not given on any channel in the last 12 months. 40% of Textify donors were reactivated.

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